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Why Tutoring?

If your student is struggling in a classroom setting, try tutoring.  It’s a learning process that has withstood the test of time.  The ancient Greek and Roman civilizations utilized it for generations. Even parents in today’s society still highly value tutoring.  Why? Because of the unique one-on-one learning style that couples a knowledgeable tutor with an aspiring student.  Through these one-on-one sessions, students can’t help but improve because the tutor quickly discovers their weaknesses.  Once the tutor finds a weakness, he can develop a plan to make sure the student overcomes those weaknesses.

Who will tutor my son or daughter?

Jonathan Panzer is a knowledgeable NTA certified tutor who is committed to helping your student succeed.  He has seen significant improvement from every one of his previous students.  As a result of his tutoring experiences, Jonathan believes that different students need varying levels of support.  He offers traditional tutoring sessions for students who would like a leg up in their classes. In these sessions, students will get one-on-one focus, and he will give suggestions on what students should do on a day to day basis to study.

What programs are offered by Eureka Tutoring?

Eureka Tutoring offers programs of varying lengths for the ACT, SAT, and any high school math or science class, including AP classes.  This means that your student can get help with that pesky Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Geometry, or Algebra class.  Students can also get help with middle school math and science courses.

Where are sessions held?

Anywhere! Technology has come a long way since the start of the internet.  It is now possible to have a convenient online tutoring session through Skype without the student or the tutor having to spend time and gas traveling to a library.  In fact, tutoring is now a viable possibility no matter where a student lives.  It makes distance and location irrelevant, which allows you to choose the best tutor for your student.  However, if you live in the Northwestern Detroit area, in-person sessions are an excellent option.

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