ACT Prep and SAT Prep Tutoring

ACT Prep and SAT Prep

Eureka Tutoring is proud to offer tutoring for either the ACT or SAT depending on the student’s choice.

Rates for ACT or SAT Prep

Learn more about how the courses are structured below or decide which test would be better for your student.

Course Structure

Sessions will require either the current “The Official ACT Prep Guide” or the current “The Official SAT Study Guide”.  These books cost around $20.  They contain valuable information, as well as several practice tests.  The student is responsible for purchasing the corresponding book for their selected program.

During tutoring sessions I will explain concepts, go over test taking strategies, review any homework problems, and discuss how to handle specific types of problems.

Typically sessions are broken up into thirds. The first third is review of any problems the student had issues with, the second is exploration of new concepts, and the third is practice employing those concepts.

Test preparation tutoring sessions are available for a single section, multiple sections, or all sections of a test.  Single section programs are available starting at a minimum of three two-hour sessions.  All section programs are available starting at a minimum of five two-hour sessions.

The recommended frequency of sessions is once a week during the school year.  During the summer, twice a week is possible. Sessions are two hours long with two 5 minute breaks to split up the session into smaller pieces.  Through experience, Eureka Tutoring has determined that 60 or even 90 minutes makes sessions too rushed due to the high volume of concepts included in the ACT and SAT.

Homework for Test Preparation Programs

The tutor will recommend homework for the student to complete throughout the week. Homework could consist of:

  • short daily problems
  • sections of practice tests
  • an entire practice test.

It is the student’s responsibility to complete the assignment in a timely manner.  Eureka Tutoring recommends that the student complete the assignment as early as possible to allow time to review the results, especially if the homework assignment is a practice test.

Eureka Tutoring uses Skype and email to assign and receive homework submissions from students enrolled in Premium sessions.  Students have several ways of submitting their homework.  For example, if the student had to write out work for a homework problem, they can take a picture or scan the page with their smartphone.  Once they have done that, they can send it to me either as an email attachment or upload it to our Skype conversation.  If the tutor assigns a practice test, students can submit their results by entering their answers into the corresponding test results form. The results are then sent to the student’s email and Eureka Tutoring.

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