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Educational Philosophy

Tutoring has been around since humans learned to communicate.  In its simplest form, tutoring is just the flow of knowledge from one person, the tutor, to another person, the student.  In Greek and Roman times, tutoring was the main form of education for the sons and daughters of the rich and powerful. Why? Because they knew it was effective and efficient.

Nowadays, in order to educate an ever increasing student body, tutoring has been demoted to a secondary form of education.  This shift, no matter the reasons for it, has resulted in some unfortunate consequences.  Many students do not get the attention they need from their instructors.  This is primarily due to the large student to teacher ratio.  When a teacher has 90 students spread over three classes, they hardly have time to grade quizzes, essays, or tests.  But grading is only part of the process of learning.  Students need to review missed concepts, but quite often this does not happen.  Students sometimes need direction from somebody as to when and how to review. If they don’t have that structure, they won’t do it on their own.

How public schools work:

The public school experience is like riding a train.  It goes one way and there is only one speed.  The pace of public school classes is designed to work for most, but for those who need more time with concepts, there is little or no chance for them to review before moving on.  It is a problem that is inherent to the educational system that tries to educate everyone with a comparatively small teaching staff.  Of course there are some teachers who can do the extraordinary every day, but they are rare.  Most teachers aren’t able to spend the necessary one-on-one time with each of their students to have everyone pass with flying colors.

What tutoring can do for students:

It would be great if every student could have a personal tutor, but that simply isn’t possible in today’s society. Practically, tutoring should be viewed as a supplemental solution to society’s educational deficiencies.  Tutors can take the time to cover underlying concepts that were holding a student back.  Tutors and students can have engaging dialogues that lead to a clearer understanding of topics. Too often students are able to sit in class and passively absorb information.  Unfortunately, that information doesn’t stick because they weren’t engaged. Tutors can even help a student to craft more efficient study habits.  Overall, tutors can be extremely beneficial for students in many ways that regular teachers aren’t able to be.

Therefore, Eureka Tutoring offers tutoring services to students so that they may succeed in their classes as well as the rest of their lives.  If you’re convinced that tutoring is the way to go, please submit a contact form so that the tutor can discuss plans with you for your student’s future success.

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