Eureka Tutoring: The better choice

Why Eureka Tutoring is better than traditional classroom programs:

If you are reading this, chances are that the traditional classroom teaching style has not been effective.  Why spend hundreds of dollars on a summer class that you already know won’t be effective?

If your student has an educational goal that classroom teaching is not meeting, then try tutoring.  It’s an interactive learning process where students learn at their own pace through a continual dialogue.  As a tutor I don’t lecture.  I converse with my students about the material.  One of the many ways I do this is by regularly asking students to explain concepts back to me.  The effects are twofold: students pay attention and I am able to quickly discern the root cause of their issues and then help them overcome it.

Unfortunately, the learning process is similar to pouring water into a bucket with a hole in the bottom.  The hole needs to be plugged before the bucket can truly hold the water, otherwise it just empties out almost as fast as it goes in. Eventually, success can be achieved.

Concepts need to be repeated multiple times over a period of time in order for students to truly make the knowledge their own.  This just isn’t simply possible in a pure classroom setting.  Tutoring sessions give students the chance to get the repetition and practice they need to succeed.

Why Eureka Tutoring is better than other tutoring programs:

There are many reasons why Eureka Tutoring is better:

  • What is assigned for homework?
    • At Eureka Tutoring active studying is key. Students have to use their brain when completing assignments.
    • Examples include creating and using flashcards, writing short descriptions for key terms, going through practice problems and reviewing missed problems, and many more.
    • Students can’t help but pay attention when studying actively. It gives them the chance to discover and fix holes in their understanding.
  • How is homework assigned?
    • Eureka Tutoring believes homework should be broken down over several days throughout the week, even if tutoring only happens once a week.
    • Students won’t procrastinate as much and they will put more effort into each assignment.
    • Students can get regular feedback from the tutor.*
  • A tutor who truly cares about his students.
    • Jonathan is empathetic, caring, reliable, and will not give up on any student. He will take the time to listen to his students’ concerns and issues.
    • He has been through the educational process recently and understands the pluses and minuses of the current classroom educational system.
  • Available Tutoring Locations
    • Jonathan is available for both in-person and online tutoring sessions. Tutoring can happen anywhere at almost any time.
    • He is willing and able to drive to students’ homes** so that tutoring can happen in a familiar and comfortable space.
    • Libraries are also a common meeting place.

*     Available with premium tutoring sessions.

**   For students living in the Northwestern Detroit area.

Tools of the Trade

Jonathan uses a variety of apps and programs to communicate with students both inside and outside of tutoring sessions, including Skype, Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, texting, and email.  Skype allows the tutor to send and receive homework assignments or explanations as pictures or even as videos.

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