The Eureka Story

Why did I pick the name Eureka Tutoring?

The short answer is that I was sitting on my couch and the name popped into my head.  You might say it was a “eureka” moment for me.

The long answer involves an anecdote about a man, a crown, and a bathtub.  The story is set in ancient Greece where a famous scientist named Archimedes was given a seemingly difficult task by a king.  The king desired to know if his crown was made of pure gold, or if it was a fake.  Archimedes knew that to determine if it was real or fake he would need to determine the density of the crown.  For that he would have to measure both the mass and the volume of the crown.  The mass was easy to measure; however, the volume proved difficult since the crown was irregularly shaped and the king would not allow Archimedes to melt down the crown into something easier to measure.

Archimedes thought long and hard, but the solution eluded him.  Until one day, when he was taking a bath, he noticed that the water level rose when he got into the bathtub.  It was at this moment that he exclaimed, “Eureka!” which means, “I have found it!”

He had discovered a way to measure the volume of the crown.  If he knew the dimensions of the bathtub he could calculate the volume of water displaced, which would equal the volume of the crown itself, and thus he could compare the density of the crown to the known density of pure gold.

Because of Archimedes, we associate the phrase “Eureka!” with the moment that somebody finally understands something.  I truly enjoy watching students experience these moments of clarity.  Since those moments are my favorite part of tutoring, I decided I should name my business after them.

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