What to Expect with Eureka Tutoring

What to Expect

  1. A friendly and knowledgeable tutor who will help to guide students’ studies in the right direction.
  2. Quality tutoring sessions where students can get help with any concept they might be struggling to understand.
  3. Engaging sessions.  As a tutor, I liven up the material as much as I can.  I also regularly ask students questions during sessions to make sure they understand the concept.
  4. Regular homework in-between sessions.  Homework will never be busywork.  Rather, reinforcement of the concepts learned during tutoring sessions will be the goal.
  5. Competitive rates for high quality tutoring.  Comparable one-on-one tutoring programs at Kaplan or other tutoring companies can be astronomically expensive.
  6. Tailored programs so that the student learns the specific concepts they need to succeed.

What not to expect

  1. A tutor to do a student’s school assigned homework.  The goal of homework is reinforcement of concepts.  That goal would be circumvented if the tutor did the work for the student.

What I expect from my students

  1. I expect my students to take responsibility for their studying and homework outside of tutoring sessions.
  2. I believe communication is vital for tutoring sessions to be as effective as possible. To be as effective as possible, I need to know about upcoming tests.
  3. I expect my students to work hard and play hard. When students are completing homework or studying, I expect them to have their full attention on the task at hand. Once they’ve completed the studying or homework, then they can relax and rest their mind.

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