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Four essential ingredients of a successful tutoring relationship

There are several components that need to come together in order for online tutoring (or any tutoring for that matter) to be effective. The first is verbal communication.  Both the tutor and the student need to be able to talk to each other without hindrances. Written communication by the tutor is the second component.  Depending on the subject, the tutor may need to write down problems and solve them so that the student can visually process the information. Written communication by the student is the third component.  Often, the tutor may desire to see how the student solves a particular problem. Sometimes this can be done verbally, but for more complicated problems students will need to write things down to keep track of everything.  Lastly but certainly not least, the tutor and the student need to trust and have a mutual respect for one another.

Can online tutoring bring the four components together?

The answer is YES!  Eureka online tutoring can bring the four components together.

The first component is easy to achieve.  Skype allows the tutor and the student to both verbally and visually interact with each other.

Written communication by the tutor (the second component) can be achieved several ways.  In an online tutoring session with Eureka Tutoring, the tutor will sometimes share his screen with the student.  Other times, the tutor will use the whiteboard functionality at* to write out problems and solutions.  In either case, the tutor uses a graphics tablet to have fine control over what he writes down.

Written communication by the student (the third component) can also be achieved several ways.  During online tutoring sessions, the student can use a stylus with a touch screen on a tablet or laptop to solve problems on the whiteboard at  If the student has a graphics tablet, that works even better.  Outside of sessions, students can use their smartphones to take pictures of their work and send the pictures to the tutor through text, email, or the Skype app. The Adobe Acrobat app allows students to scan their homework page by page, and share it as an email attachment with the tutor.

Trust and respect (the last component) is also very important to ensure the success of the student.  Trust and respect are aspects of tutoring that build up over time through regular contact.  While it may be surprising to some, it doesn’t matter if that contact is strictly through a screen or in-person.  What does matter is the chemistry between the tutor and the student.  Unfortunately, not every tutor is a good fit for every student, but this is the case regardless of where tutoring sessions take place.

Homework for online tutoring

Homework for online subject tutoring will be frequent–about every other day.  The tutor assigns homework by sending Skype messages with a link or attachment for the student to view the problems.  The tutor will assign homework in the evening, and the student will have 24-48 hours to submit their work.  This gives the student plenty of time to complete the assignment since 30 minutes is usually all the student will need.

As stated above, students have multiple ways to submit their homework.  They can send a clear picture of their completed homework through Skype, or they can send it as an email attachment.  Students assigned to verbally explain how they would solve a problem can send the audio as voice message via Skype.  When the tutor receives the students’ submissions he will promptly review them.  If students find that they have issues, the tutor will reply with an explanation of how to complete the troublesome problems.  He will then formulate the next homework assignment based on how well the student did with the previous homework.

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