Eureka Tutoring Payment Plans

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available for students who would like to purchase a particular package of tutoring sessions but who do not have all the funds available at the time of purchase.  The terms of the payment plan are flexible and will vary based on the needs of the student; however, sessions will still need to be prepaid, with the exception of the very first session, which is free.

As an example, a student signs up for a 15 session ACT program using a payment plan that breaks up the total amount of $1400 (sale price of $1500 with $100 off for free first session) into three $466.67 installments.  The first $466.67 is due before the start of the second session.  The next $466.67 is due before the start of the 6th session and the final $466.67 is due before the start of the 11th session.

If you still have any questions about how payment plans work, please submit your question here.

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