Student Resources Recommended by Eureka Tutoring

Student Resources

These links are great student resources. Many of them are used by Eureka Tutoring students to practice and hone their math and science skills. One of the hallmarks of Eureka Tutoring is the belief in active studying. These links allow students to actively engage with the material, which is crucial for retention. Come test day, students will be glad they already saw that pesky problem in their studying and they’ll remember how to solve it. Feel free to check out the awesome resources below for yourself.

Student Resources for Math

Math quizzes! – A great way to brush up on the basics of math or practice your trigonometry. Very easily customized to fit your needs.

Graph anything! – A great way to visualize how specific changes in a function can change the graph of the function.

Visualize theorems! – A huge resource of interactive materials. If you’re having trouble understanding a geometry theorem by just reading the book, you HAVE to check out this site. Just type in the name of the theorem and be confused no more!

Math notes РNot quite a math textbook. More like a massive test your knowledge book. The website will give  you information on the particular concept and then list several example problems.  You should try them on your own, and then scroll down to see the explanation.

Student Resources for Science

Earth science and much more! – Easy to understand linked articles about everything from the changing climate of the Earth to the different types of galaxies. It really is a window into the universe!

Make chemistry a breeze! – Chemistry videos to help you understand the easy way to do problems, examples as far the eye can see, and quizzes to make sure you can ace the test.

Other Great Resources

Video explanations on everything from Algebra to Calculus, even Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Cliffs Notes – Study Guides for almost any class!

Amazing History Videos – Tom Richey is an awesome history teacher. His Youtube videos are entertaining despite the fact that they’re about history. He even offers tutoring services for AP World and US History.

Interesting article about tutoring – Some ideas to think about before picking a private tutor or tutoring company to work with.

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